Who is ray benzino dating

His goal is to do better than the people he stole from.At the end of the day, what else do you expect from a White man?But according to Benzino, His reasoning for targeting Eminem wasn’t personal, He claimed it was against the Interscope machine and felt Eminem was responsible for raping hip hop of its Black Culture.Seeing as nothing but a small fry, Eminem just dismissed him as another bum trying to shine off his name.Just like that, A new civil war within Hip Hop was drawn.

He also tried his acting hand out in Hollywood with his debut on his own bio pic titled 8 Mile.co-owner Raymond "Benzino" Scott when Benzino publicly attacked Eminem's whiteness, claiming he had an unfair advantage over rappers of color and was bad for the culture.After threats of an Eminem boycott from , and a slew of diss songs from Benzino, Em unleashed the ether-filled "The Sauce" and "Nail in the Coffin" on a Shady mixtape.He said he was dating a girl who was ‘African-American’!I’ve never heard him use the term ‘African-American’ in his whole life, which made the whole statement look suspect to me.

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