Who is amanda latona dating

Tell us about your journey that took you to the the world of fitness and as a winner in Professional Bikini Pro competitions? Amanda Latona: I think I was just born with a passion to entertain.I started singing at the age of 18 in all girls group in Orlando, Florida.I train lower body twice a week both days being glute focused. Every session I give my all, and I don’t just go through the movements.I see people on their phones in the gym and they wonder why they’re not getting better results.

I remember stepping foot in the gym, seeing a woman with a six pack and saying “I want to look like that”.From that moment my second passion was born and I fell in love with fitness.After the girls group I went on to have two other solo recording deals and I spent the majority of my free time in the gym, learning and studying everything I could about training and nutrition.After my record deals were no longer, my whole family moved to Las Vegas and I got reconnected with the fitness industry because it’s such a big scene in Vegas.I competed in the Flex bikini model search in 2007 (8 place) and in 2009 I won the title.

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