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Main purpose of Rails routers is explained below: To understand routing, we need to understand REST. The # in front of method is a way in Ruby saying that it is an instance method. To list defined routes in your application which are used for tracking down routing problems, use the following command.The resource routing allows you to declare all of the common routes for a controller.By convention, each action maps a specific CRUD operation in a database.A number of helpers to the controllers will be exposed in an application by creating a resourceful route.There is also a detached garage/workshop with an electric over door whilst two separate private driveways provide ample off street parking for vehicles.The Rails router recognizes URLs and dispatches them to a controller's action. Rails router deals URLs in a different way from other language routers.

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Group of controllers are organized under a namespace.

Rails handles routing via config/file rather than relying on the web server to control URL routing. There are several HTTP methods that are used with REST to represent the types of actions performed by the user or application.

This file controls every single aspect of your URLs, like rules that try to match the URL path for a request and decides where to direct that request. The controller will be Roll Controller and the method will be branch. Rails.application.do get 'roll/list' get 'roll/new' post 'roll/create' patch 'roll/update' get 'roll/list' get 'roll/show' get 'roll/edit' get 'roll/delete' get 'roll/update' get 'roll/show_subjects' end It defines actions available in the applications and type of actions such as patch, get and post.

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