Updating picasa 3

If it reports that ‘This application is up to date’ you can still update to version 3.9 by going to the website at click the big “Download Picasa” button. You might be able to upgrade by clicking on Help and Check for Updates but more often than not, this won’t inform you about new versions. 0;elseif(b){if(this.o)for(d=0;c=this.o[d ];)a=Jh(c,a);c=this.

updating picasa 3-44

I guess it's time to find a new photo management solution.

To upgrade, or not to upgrade, is that your question? I found that the Run process took an abnormally long time and it had no progress bar showing – so, just be patient, it will finally pop up with the license agreement and, after you click ‘I agree’ and Ok the folder location, you’re almost done.

There are definitely some features worth upgrading for! However, your pictures are precious, and any upgrade can have it’s problems on some people’s computers so what do you do first? In my last article about Picasa 3.9 I mentioned the differences in your opening screen, this time I want you to take a look at the effects. As usual with Picasa, they are simple click and maybe drag a slider bar or two to try them out. Lomo-ish The Lomo-ish effect looks more rich, vibrant and focused on the center while the edges are dark.

The only thing I would change about your instructions is to divide it up.

I'm very frustrated to report that Google's Picasa version 3 has been nothing but trouble.

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