Updating a datarow

Run Message Loop(Int32 reason, Application Context context) at System.

App Domain._n Execute Assembly(Runtime Assembly assembly, String[] args) at System. Execute Assembly(String assembly File, Evidence assembly Security, String[] args) at Microsoft.

FPush Message Loop(Int Ptr dw Component ID, Int32 reason, Int32 pv Loop Data) at System.

Run Message Loop Inner(Int32 reason, Application Context context) at System.

This is a legacy feature and it's strongly recommended not to use it (it have been removed from the upcoming major version 3.0). Updating Row Status Errors(Row Updating Event Args row Updated Event, Data Row data Row) at System.

A workflow rule is triggered when the table you specify in the workflow rule is changed.

"time with time zone" or xml either a Missing Operator- (xml = text) or an Invalid Cast-Exception occurs. Here the example code, To reproduce the issue - just setup a database with a table - first add only primitive data-type rows (int , uid, string, text ect.) test it - and you'll see - update just works fine.

Then add any extended data-type, like a time value, xml etc - and the update throws the exceptions @digital-void, please check the minimal testcase in my commit above.

Wm Mouse Up(Message& m, Mouse Buttons button, Int32 clicks) at System.

Debuggable Callback(Int Ptr h Wnd, Int32 msg, Int Ptr wparam, Int Ptr lparam) at System.

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