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Naţërno hul lu rawoxo ẖaroyo w li rawëxto ẖarayto d naẖito mi gamiye.

Cabërno l lawğël mšayeli, mërre: An noše kulle nafiqi.

Ëmmo: Lo lo Jan, šanṯo laṯili, dayëm mëftakarli, hano u Jan mën ẖa´yo, cajaba këtle kul mede d këbcono, šroloyo kit gabox dokumane mu aršiv dad duwal?

Naqlat hëwewola šëwole, këṯwowali, mjawabnowo acla. Ţëlbowa mëdone, xayifo mẖadarnowolën, cël mu nat, bu internet mšayacnowolën lašana.

” Him wanting you back is a decision he is going to have to come to on his own.

I do however, know a thing or two about having a broken heart.

By the end of an episode, larger comedic things have happened, but it's been in such a grounded, incremental ramp-up that you don't really notice it's happening.

Were Nat and Judy always the people you had in mind for Russ and Lina?

Thanks to her, I now fluently speak Assyrian, Armenian and Russian.

Lina Yakubova (23 December 1976 - 21 March 2011) was a documentary film producer and writer.

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