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Victories over Ipswich and the cold stream guards respectively had resulted in the two teams contesting the final. They were also the first ever winners of the ECL Cup. “THE OAK” saw a record attendance of 5649 spectators in an amateur cup quarter final defeat against Romford in 1938.

Harwich joined the eastern counties leagues in 1935, during the 1930’s they reached the 1 round proper of the F. Harwich hit the big time in 1934 when they reached the first round proper of the FA Cup for the first time and were drawn away to Bristol Rovers to lose 3-1.

they would also change their colours to their present stripes.

The shrimpers have enjoyed an illustrious history – reaching national finals, winning regional and county cups and league titles, In 1890-91 the Shrimpers began to find their feet and played six Essex Senior Cup games to reach the final only to lose 7-0 to Clapton.

At the start of the season they had little more than dim memories of intermittent hours of glory, and yet, here they are, proudly gracing the emerald green turf of the finest Football stadium in England with their black and-white striped shirts.

Three special trains, sixty coaches and hundreds of cars headed for north London in the biggest-ever exodus the area had known.

Proudly displaying the two trophies they won in 1903 are members of Harwich and Parkeston Football Club. Kettle, Oswick, Fielden, Green, Garton, Garland, Middleton, Lyons, Snodgrass, Felgate and Taylor.

Rosettes, pennants and woolly hats were made in the black and white colours of the club, leaving the towns shops sold out of ribbon!

A large enthusiastic crowd met the team of the train when they returned to Dovercourt where they went on to the Queen’s hotel – their headquarters, and later the Alma where the cup was filled with champagne, and finally they went on a grand tour of the streets of the borough.

The following week they added the Harwich charity cup when they defeated Colchester crown 2-0. The 1930’s represented halcyon days for the Shrimpers as they were also joint champions with Lowestoft in the first season of the Jewson League 1935-36.

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