Run code after updating pivot table

- Finally, I copy all the relevant Excel files from the main folder to a backup folder with a prefix of the previous month/years.

Refresh End Sub ------------------------------------------------------ The Msg Box returns with: "Manual update is set to False" right after the instruction to set it to True!! So it may be that you've set it, and excel hasn't caught up when you msgbox it. Did you try setting it manually through the immediates window. I can confirm that it doesn't seem to work setting on a pivot table I have here in the immediates window - but it doesn't error neither...To prevent old items from being retained in a pivot table, you can change an option setting: The following macro will change the pivot table properties, to prevent missing items from appearing, or clear items that have appeared. To save time when building, formatting and modifying your pivot tables, use the tools in my Pivot Power Premium add-in.This macro changes the Missing Items Limit setting for all pivot tables in the active workbook. Pivot Tables("IRPVT") Set pt1 = Worksheets("Detail"). Value 'This updates and refreshes the PIVOT table With pt Field Date IR.

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