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Not simply traditional trainers who will do the basics like teach a dog to sit, but ones who will run pooches throughout a calorie-burning workout like personal trainers do with humans.Other trainers give dogs swimming and Frisbee-catching lessons, or teach them tricks like taking their own selfies with an i Pad.Yet another service, Date My, is indeed all about making love matches—within one’s own species, to clear up any confusion about the name. The company sells a kennel’s worth of atypical pet merchandise, including a lineup of Pooch Scents (basically: perfume for dogs, with scents like POSH, Rain Fresh, and STUD), high-end organic shampoos and conditioners, and a forthcoming one-of-a-kind toothbrush “designed with three heads to clean the inside and outside of the mouth and the pet’s face at the same time.” Pet Annuities A survey by the Securian Financial Group found that nearly 20% of pet owners have made financial plans for the wellbeing of their pets if the owners pass away.

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These sites make dating people who love dogs that much easier.(The latter was created for human consumption, natch.) At some point, it would seem like pet marketers simply must run out of every dog-gone idea under the sun.But based on American pet spending—a total of billion last year, and forecasts call for billion in 2014—for entrepreneurial players in the pet economy, the best time to roll out new pet-related products and services is always right meow.In recent years, pet owners have been tempted—perhaps guilted—into treating their beloved dogs and cats to products and services that run the gamut from 0 doggie strollers to pet tattoos, luxury doghouses , and gourmet pet cuisine.And how can anyone forget about the fitness-tracking dog collar and the Grumpy Cat-endorsed line of bottled coffee?

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