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Due to the bankruptcy of Data East and trademark problems, some titles were released by Success co. Since the trademark issue was resolved by Enterbrain, some games in the series has been released under the title Metal Max again.

There have been five Metal Max games and five Metal Saga games, in addition to remakes of several Metal Max titles.

They lack a predetermined story path, but the player is instead given the choice of what missions to follow in whichever order while being able to visit any place in the game world at any time.

Some of the games give the player the freedom to complete the game almost immediately after starting it, particularly Metal Saga, which could be completed with a full ending scenario just minutes into the game, making it the shortest possible RPG.

is a Japanese series of turn-based, nonlinear, open world, post-apocalyptic, vehicle combat, role-playing video games dating back to 1991.

The series was originally created by video game designer Hiroshi Miyaoka's company Crea-Tech in collaboration with Data East, with the latter being also the publisher of the series.

Metal Max 2 and Metal Max Returns were planned to be ported to the Game Boy Advance and were scheduled to be released in 2003, under the titles Metal Max 2 Kai and Metal Max Returns Kai,respectively, although Metal Max Returns Kai was later cancelled.

Metal Max 2 had an enhanced remake in 2011 for the Nintendo DS titled Metal Max 2: Reloaded, using the engine from Metal Max 3.

Engine determines the maximum loadout for the vehicle.The character classes, such as a mechanic or soldier, could be chosen for the player characters, who would fight in turn-based battles either on foot or using tanks and other vehicles such as motors.The player could create tanks, customize and make a variety of modifications to them, remodel and enhance each part, strengthen the defence, repair damaged parts, and give them more shells. In games, player can seek and collect various kinds of vehicles, then change their equips and transform them. In early games, each playable character only can use one tank; and in recently games, one tanks can accommodate multi characters.The plot of the series is based on multiple different apocalypse scenarios, the games occurring after the apocalypse has already begun.Most of the Metal Max titles feature open world gameplay, one of the key features of which being that players are given the ability to end the game at any time and complete quests in whatever order.

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