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Second, assassinations have tended to take place in particular geopolitical circumstances, namely whenever Turkey’s long-standing commitment to the Western security alliance has seemed to be in jeopardy.The first wave came in the 1960s and 1970s, when the left was ascendant in Turkey.The reconciliation dialog allows you to select a type for your rows.This will restrict the matches to items which are instances of any subclass of the given type.

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The violence—assassinations and massacres—reached its peak during the late 1970s and claimed more than five thousand lives.

This process will take a while depending on how much data you have.

Currently, the Wikidata reconciliation service processes about 3 rows per second.

One is a numeric facet for the reconciliation scores of the best candidates of the cells. You could filter for the higher scores, and approve them all in bulk (invoking that column's drop-down menu and using the facet, which lets you filter for the cells that haven't been matched (pick "None" in the facet).

As you process each cell, its judgment changes from "None" to "Matched" and it disappears from the view, because it no longer fits the facet's selection.

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