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By the time the word made it into middle-class usage in the early 20th century, dating began to look a lot more like it does now: So successful was the campaign that MTV decided to make a show out of it, composing date scenarios for two lucky contestants in which the male participant was repeatedly beset by the titular player-haters—the Balladeer, the One-Upper, even a couple new ones like the Natural Disaster and The Flirt—and was rewarded with a chalice proclaiming him an all-time ladies man if he was able to survive the date intact. Below is a list of MTV shows that should percent be brought back to life: Sometimes our dates have a happy ending!

While MTV would like to sweep memory of them under the rug in light of their current triumphs, we haven't forgotten about them—nor will we anytime soon. Innocent males with a secret hankering for stardom of their own attempted to win the friendship of this rich and for reasons unknown famous celebrity by competing in a series of ridiculous tasks used to judge each guy's BFF potential game-spitting, the ability to spontaneously burst into song.

I would never want my reputation ruined in this way.

The producers and/or production teams should be embarrassed to say the least.

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