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Kirchner joined the University Federation for the National Revolution (FURN), a political student group whose relationship with the Montoneros guerrillas is a matter of debate.They were married after a courtship limited to six months by the political turmoil in the country.Isabel Perón had been unseated by a coup d'état which installed a military government.The Kirchners worked for banks and financial groups which filed foreclosures, since the Central Bank's 1050 ruling had raised mortgage loan interest rates., Julio César Strassera, prosecutor in the 1985 Trial of the Juntas case against the military, criticized the Kirchners' lack of legal actions against the military, and considered their later interest in the issue a form of hypocrisy.Kirchner moved to La Plata in 1969 to study law at the National University.

He and his wife were involved (either directly or through their close aides) in the 2013 political scandal known as the Route of the K-Money.At the civil ceremony, Kirchner's friends sang the Peronist song "Los Muchachos Peronistas".He graduated a year later, returned to Patagonia with Cristina, By the time of Kirchner's graduation and move to the Patagonia, Juan Perón had died, his vice president and wife Isabel Martínez de Perón had become president.Néstor was part of the third generation of Kirchners living in the city.As a result of pertussis, he developed strabismus at an early age; however, he refused medical treatment because he considered his eye part of his self-image.

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