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Here are the two shots Visser posted from the roadmap: My 10 key takeaways from the roadmap: The Windows piece of the roadmap is unsurprisingly vague about anything beyond the Developer Preview.Because the roadmaps were created in December last year, they don't even mention the Consumer Preview, which Microsoft released on February 29.These include: Silverlight: The roadmap shows Silverlight 5's December 2011 release to the Web.After that, there's nothing on the roadmap indicating that future releases are in the pipeline.I tend to think it's more likely, though, that this is Apollo, a k a the Windows Phone 8 operating system -- which Microsoft has told some of its partners will be out before the end of this year.There are other interesting parts of the roadmap which Visser didn't post screen shots of.As I've reported before, the "whisper date" for Office 15 RTM is November 2012, but the launch/general availability date is believed to be early next year.Lync Server 15 is the one Office 15 product that is missing entirely from the roadmap.

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As Visser indicated, the document is/was not password-protected by Microsoft (for whatever reason).Currently she is completely focusing on her profession.In this age she maintain her perfect shape, she looks perfect with any handsome partner.Visual Studio: VS11, the coming release of Microsoft's tool suite that will support Windows 8, is shown as being released to manufacturing in the latter part of 2012, as expected.SQL Server: The roadmap shows SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse as being released to manufacturing in the latter part of 2012.

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