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In 1989, the North Carolina General Assembly created the Lumber River State to be managed as a Natural and Scenic River "to preserve its outstanding character in perpetuity." Under the NCNSRA, there are three classifications that a river can receive — natural, scenic, and recreational.

The Lumber River has all three classifications at some point along its course.

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Trips can vary from one hour along some river sections to several days navigating the entire river.

The river has been divided into recreation water trails and has 24 canoe access points at road intersections.

The river is smooth water with a velocity ranging from less than two miles per hour to four miles per hour. In Scotland County, the Lumber River Canoe Regatta took place between 19 on the Lumber River Canoe Trail. The Lumber River Canoe Trail was made a part of the North Carolina Trails System in 1978.

The Lumber River Canoe Trail is the designation of the upper Lumber River between the intersection of U. The Lumber River provides a variety of flatwater canoeing opportunities.

The upper sections of the river require greater canoeing skills than in lower sections because of fallen trees, narrow stream widths, and somewhat swifter water.

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