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The city was finally taken for Parliament on 18 December 1645 by Colonel Birch and Colonel Morgan.

King Charles showed his gratitude to the city of Hereford on 16 September 1645 by augmenting the city's coat of arms with the three lions of Richard I of England, ten Scottish Saltires signifying the ten defeated Scottish regiments, a very rare lion crest on top of the coat of arms signifying "defender of the faith" and the even rarer gold-barred peer's helm, found only on the arms of one other municipal authority: those of the City of London.

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As a matter of interest it is not the RAF Hereford site ( Credenhill ) that is the issue.Other gold medals came from Jack Digwood, Jack Williams, Tom and Harry Bottle, Luca Pope and Alex Evans.Subscriptions and auto-renewals are managed via your Account Settings after purchase.Much of the county of Herefordshire was Welsh-speaking, as reflected in the Welsh names of many places in the county (see History of Herefordshire).An early town charter from 1189 granted by Richard I of England describes it as "Hereford in Wales".

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