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Players are forcibly expelled from the zone upon reaching level 15. Quest name: Hotbars Quest giver: Basher Alga You say, 'Hail, Basher Alga' Basher Alga says 'Most important part of battle is preparation! You say, 'Hail, Basher Alga' Your task, 'Hotbars' has been updated. This is probably the best reward in Gloomingdeep for characters that can't cast movement speed spells.

At that point, attempts to gate here will result in being transported to the Plane of Knowledge. *blahblah* ..scratching this little gemstone, with his dagger when it merged! [Click through a couple screen tutorial window about hotbars.] Your task, 'Hotbars' has been updated. Lets you run fast(er) for 5 minutes every ten minutes.

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Instead of needing to share a server with someone to send them a DM or check their status, the friends list gives you direct access to it. It'll happily highlight in blurple when you find it.Also, upon reaching level 15, you will be forcibly expelled from the zone, and attempts to Gate there will result in being transported to Po K. For one thing, it appears I needed to start my characters all over again.Lockdown 83rd level Dark Elf Enchanter Prexus Server Officer, The Rangers of Tunare I know why I can't get any Gallantry! I need to double-check on this, but I don't seem to have access to whichever server they were on during the trial phase.Crescent Reach should be added as one of the connected zones, since that is accessible from the cave. In the trial, you appear to only have access to the Mines of Gloomingdeep.It should be also noted that this zone has no entrance other than Gating (if bound there and under level 15), logging into it (if level 10 and under). When I started my subscription, I noticed a few changes.

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