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In short, Yeltsin understood that the fifth point was a crude, discriminatory leftover from the Soviet Union and had no place in the new, democratic Russia. citizens view themselves as “Americans” regardless of their ethnic affiliation, Yeltsin wanted to achieve the same in Russia, which has more than 100 different ethnic groups.This is why Yeltsin reintroduced the term “Rossiyanin” (or “a citizen of Russia”) in an attempt to shift the country’s focus from nationality to citizenship. The inherent problem with the concept of “defending the rights of ethnic Russians” is that nationalists have always had difficulty defining what an “ethnic Russian” is.13, which is a lot like the old one: “For the Russians, the heroic people, the party will stand for rebuilding an ethnic Russian state.” Then, one of Russia’s most popular nationalists, Dmitry Rogozin, pledged his loyalty and that of his 100,0000-member movement, Rodina-Congress of Russian Communities, to United Russia.The movement’s chief mission is to “defend the rights of ethnic Russians.” Now, the Communist Party is getting in on the nationalism act.In particular, it was used as a tool in state-sponsored anti-Semitism to deny Soviet Jews certain jobs and enrollment in university departments.

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Introduced in 1932, the nationality entry in passports was often used to discriminate against ethnic minorities.

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