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Just as you women prefer not to have a man state that he is six foot tall, and show up at five feet either inches, and you are five ten.........

There are triggers that will make us feel used and disappointed, and when they happen, nothing good will come from it most ........

So, I sent him one(thinking that would be the end of it).

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Chatting goes for about 1 week-we agree to meet and I give out my cell number. He asks for even more pictures-asks if I have a camera phone (states he's not looking for porn) I take a picture and send it along. Or something bad like trying to get revenge, but, I'd bet just not interested in a relationship.

The very next day he texts again and asks for yet another picture. If he is or isn't, I'd be real cautious about someone who wants to build a photo album about you without having an established relationship. Being THAT burned by a very /uglyfat person in the past with an old photo is not likely. The problem is that girls take 8 pictures of their face from the exact same angle, at the exact same range, with the same exact lighting and expression.

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