Dating someone who does drugs

Looking back, he was very much a manipulative person.

In the bedroom, he became very physically aggressive and he'd make me do things I just wasn't comfortable with.

And he was still getting physically aggressive at home - I don’t know why I stayed so long. S., we were having a huge argument and it came out that he was thousands of dollars in debt.

It was completely unexplained because his parents had paid off his tuition fees.

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looked at people who'd experienced drug abuse first hand to see how damaging the effects had been on their partners.

It was found that both men and women's happiness in a relationship declined as their frequency of drug use increased - while people whose partners occasionally used drugs cited their happiness as between 7-8 on the scale, for women who were with someone who constantly used drugs it fell to a 3.

More than half (56%) of respondents said they wouldn't remain in a relationship with someone who was suffering from substance abuse, but leaving a partner over their drug use is rarely simple."I was 18 going on 19 when I met Liam* at the warehouse party where he was DJing.

If I could give any advice to women in the same situation, it would be: get out.

If the signs are there and you’re starting to wonder, that’s a problem.

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