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Given that they lived together and had many of the same classes, friends and occasionally rotations, it's fortunate that their relationship has worked out so well.

"It would have been impossible to escape," said Nguyen, who noted that alphabetical order determines many things at UCSF and that their last names are not far apart.

Class of 2016 graduates Michael Perez and Van Nguyen.

Trying to match residencies as a couple was especially grueling.

The nurse and the doctor are here.' I was called the nurse pretty often.

But I could express my frustrations to Michael." On the other hand, being involved with another medical student can pose some unique challenges.

T and I were wrong for each other on many many levels, but we loved each other so much, so we tried to make it work in spite of all the glaring red flags. They sympathize with what you are going through, but someone who hasn’t been though med school/is in med school can truly know that feel, so be patient and polite. Make time for them- time without books, where you don’t talk about school.

Maintain outside interests and activities that you can do together. Despite being busy, try to do little things- leave notes or flowers, surprise dates, anything to make sure your SO knows how much they mean to you.

Van Nguyen and Michael Perez developed a relationship early in medical school.I had never experienced so much stress and I regret the way I would take it out on T. It’s ok to be head over heels in love with someone and realize that you’re not right for each other. You all can wait a week until after the exam, I promise. The first two or three months of med school are the hardest for us and we might not be very nice sometimes. Help us keep one foot in the real world, to stay grounded. He didn’t respond well to it, and so this viscous cycle would start that left us both miserable and emotionally exhausted. When that happens, the kindest thing to do is end the relationship. Ultimately, however, you will both realize it was the fairest thing to do because you love each other. SUMMARYMed students dating non-med students: it’s really hard, but try not to be a dick to your SO. This year, there was an unusually large number of couples among the 178 students.King urged the graduates to be good listeners -- to seek first to understand and then to be understood.

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