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Some experts say the move to live-stream activity around polling stations serves as a strong statement to bloggers and the Internet-savvy who played an important role in whipping up dissent after the disputed ballot preserved a narrow majority for Putin's United Russia in the Duma.Yet skeptics say the camera initiative will fall far short as there are other ways to cheat.The sum for the project is almost twice as much as the total amount spent by the elections commission on the State Duma elections.

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But Yelena, a Novgorod resident and a state employee in her 40s, said she had doubts over the transparency of the election — even with the installation of cameras — as officials will continue to pressure government workers to vote as a bloc.

At a press event to show the cameras in action at a local children's art center, Communications and Press Minister Igor Shchyogolev recalled ancient Novgorod's development of the Veche public assembly — a democratic electoral process dating back to early medieval times.

"It is symbolic that this takes place in Novgorod, which we all associate with Veche democracy," he said.

Some experts have expressed skepticism about the project, saying the installation of cameras cannot prevent elections commission members from changing results.

But Igor Borisov, a former Central Elections Commission member, told The Moscow Times that the installation of cameras would go a long way in answering the challenges of critics vocal in the blogosphere.

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