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There are several different clues throughtout the series, all pointing to different states. During Silent Hill 2 , Walter was a prison inmate, imprisoned for the gruesome murder of two children killed as part of his brutal ritual attempt, that would become (in Silent Hill 4: The Room ) renowned as the 21 Sacraments. The name of the song from the end of the silent hill movie is called "when your not here" the song is actually from silent hill 3 the video game it acts as the theme song it's really one of the only silent hill songs with words so the creators did'NT really have a choice of which song to use for the...\n.The metaphorical nature, like in most story games, however, is up to perspective if it is "true" or not.The woman and her daughter escape the town and go back to their home, they don't realize that they're dead.In order to do this, they designed a setting in which the atmosphere would combine with gameplay elements to create a great horror... Actuallly, oasis - fu**ing the bushes IS the correct answer for "What is the song playing during the last fight scene in snatch" The song Dont You Just Know It, is the song that plays during the... It is abusive and not the way to treat someone you love.Silent Hill 5 is the fifth installment in the Silent Hill survival horror video game series developed by Double Helix Games. Unfortunatley, there are no infinite health codes for Silent Hill within the game..if you own a codebreaker cheat disc you will be able to input codes in for the game. It certainly can cause heartache and the death of a relationship.

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