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So save yourself the headache of over-analysis and just go out there and talk to people in the flesh! Guys text their friends all the time, guys and girls, and are communicative with girls they like.” –Max, 26, New York “Women assume that guys are naturally very short through text and they’ll assume rudeness/late replying/etc. The longer and more frequent the texts, the better, regardless of the actual content.

The whole ‘game’ of relationships has messed with guys thought process.

Playing it by ear is pretty universal for ‘I’ve got other things I want to do but if that falls through then I’ll text you.’” –Vish, 26, New York Text message: You send him a long, sweet text message and he responds with, “Ha, that’s great.” Or something really short, doesn’t ask a question to continue the conversation. It doesn’t mean they do not want to talk to you just that they wanted to wait until they had time to really talk to you.” –Sean, 26, Florida “Eh. Although, if that’s kind of his m/o he’s totally sending out casual vibes.” –Kevin, 26, Brooklyn What men think about that overanalyzing of texting and their best advice on how to calm down – and let it happen!

People look at their phones while they are busy and can’t text back. “Women of course overanalyze, but guys aren’t that smart. What if he really is a great guy but actually is busy with work for a few weeks, that happens to me all the time.” –Jeremy, 27, New York “You are your own worst enemy.

You text this when you’re actively trying to avoid a relationship that may be coming to fruition.” –Vish, 26, New York Text message: “Had fun tonight! Want to make sure you’re safe.” What we think: How sweet!

(And wish he would have paid for my cab home…) What men mean: “Totally legitimate. I do actually care if she got home on, and it means I liked her and want an excuse to keep talking to her.” –Jeremy, 27, New York “You seem amazing so far. I also want to talk with you more…opens a new communication door.” –Jeremy, 26, North Carolina “This one is probably legit.

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