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I would wake up at the crack ass of dawn, get my bucket, (to put the lizard in) and head off walking to the mountains near my childhood home.

I would be real quiet walking through the rocks because the lizards are always listening for potential danger.

A few years later i got into photography and that has taken me to many interesting places often ill just jump in my truck and just find a cool place to take some pictures the one cool thing about photography is there is always something new to shoot new places new people, seeing and experiencing new things is what life is all about.

Back home i go to school fulltime which i plan to continue to go forward with and i work as a waitress in a sports bar its honestly a very fun job to have because im always meeting people from all over and hearing their stories.

Whenever I would talk about me KISSING a boy none of my friends believed me... I was never concerned with intimacy and high school relationships.

I sure as hell loved to masturbate when i got home from school.

It was a lot of fun using a vibrator from the 50's!

They work a lot better than the ones they make now.

As I got older and went to high school I remained seclusive and had a couple of friends.

when I would see one I would have to slower but surely start reaching for it above their heads so they couldnt see and at the last minute grab them by the neck super fast! At the end of the days sometimes i would have only 1-2 lizards, other times I would have caught 6 and had to let some go.

Usually I would take atleast 2 of the same kind home and raise them like they were my kiddos.

At that time of my life I was too intimidated to even say hello to guys that caught my interest let alone have sex with them. I cant believe the stuff we shot today or how amazing the orgasms were!

Obviously a lot has changed since then and yes, the very few friends from high school who knew the innocent Lexie are just blown away by how kinky I turned out to be. I am a very sexual person at times, and pretty regular at others.

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