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It also runs Ad-Aware as an ever-present Windows service, which strikes me as a curious decision, since my impression is that most Ad-Aware users use the program for on-demand scans rather than any kind of real-time detection.At any rate, Lavasoft explains its reasons for this change here.Since these cookies are being actively intercepted, they do not show up in either Adaware scans, or Spyware Doctor scans.Ad-watch is only available with the Plus or Pro versions, both of which are fairly inexpensive, especially PLUS.I used to run Ad-Aware once a day and follow up with Spybot once a week. I installed Ad Aware and find it just terrible compared to SE I did a long scan and after over 3 hrs. I run Windows 98, and I'm very annoyed when software vendors cynically try to bump us off before we die a natural death. FWIW to Paularoid: I also run Spybot regularly, and I value BOTH of these utilities.Just let Spybot do its thing overnight, and it should be all set in the morning. Just to correct the record: that very helpful information actually came from "Freedom".Switching to XP limited user accounts has been remarkable in terms of protection.For some of those local desktop apps that don't like limited users, we've used the right-click command "Run As" or used the freeware "Raise My Rights" to get them to perform.

Ad-Aware 2007 includes a couple of important changes, notably the dropping of support for any Windows operating system prior to Windows 2000.To fix the "Error retrieving update" problem, you need to download the latest version of Ad-Aware SE(yes there is an updated one of the 1.06r1 that they don't seem to advertise).I know you can download it directly from lavasoft but I can't find the link so here's a different one Aware-SE-Personal.shtml Then you need to manually download the definitions from here: guide to installing them is available here: This fixed my problem with the "error retrieving update".Be careful if you uninstall it as it leaves some services running afterwards which are very difficult to remove... Download the files to your ad-aware program directory.I do most of my surfing with a limited user account, but find that a few tracking cookies are still found by the several on demand anti spy-ware programs I run. I already tried Ad-Aware 2007 and thought it was a very poor "update" as compared to SE. A pain, but allows you to use current defs on a Windows 98 system, for instance.

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